Nourishing Travel Tips

Traveling can be such a wonderful opportunity to foster new perspectives in new environments, but can also disrupt our routines in taking care of ourselves. While traveling, we can set up new routines so that we can be sure that we are putting our self care as a top priority.

  1. Pack Snacks. Packing snacks can ensure that you have quality nutrient dense foods throughout your travels. Cut up veggies and carry them in baggies, have some fresh whole fruits, hard boil some eggs, make some turkey or black bean burgers to carry with you, create your own trail mix or have packets of nut butters on you. More and more airports also have options for quality whole foods to purchase at the airport if you run out of time to pack snacks. When choosing a meal at the airport, look for foods that you can could imagine picking out of the ground yourself. Eating nutrient dense foods throughout our travels can keep our blood sugar levels stable where we can stay more emotionally grounded on those potentially more stressful travel days.

  2. Drink Water. We can quickly become dehydrated from the lack of humidity in planes. Carrying an empty water bottle with you can provide the opportunity to have water wherever you go. At many airports, there are water filter stations you can fill up your water bottle or just use the water fountains. Accept all water offers on an airplane. If you’re driving for long periods of time, have multiple water bottles filled up and ready to go. Drinking lots of water on travel days can support with keeping your energy levels consistent, helps to support in regularity of bowel movements and digestion, and supports our body in finding its own equilibrium and homeostasis.

  3. Foster Mindfulness. Travel days can be intense. Packing, being on time to the airport, ensuring the car is in great working condition on road trips. The mind can be constantly going through its getting ready lists. Slowing down our mind and body throughout our travels can invite in a relaxation response to stay grounded. One trick can be to set an alarm on your phone that goes off every 3-4 hours to remind yourself to pause and take three deep belly breaths to connect back with your body and experience that right in that very moment everything is alright.

Safe travels!