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I’m Stephanie and I’m incredibly passionate about supporting you in embracing yourself, your body, your emotions, and your cravings.

In healing from intense digestive pain that started in my teenage years, I have experienced that the health of our gut can be connected to the health and well being of our entire system.

When our digestion is working smoothly, we are not only digesting our food with more ease, but also our life experiences.

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a healing journey has its twist and turns.

Not understanding how to be with my emotions, I reached for food at a young age as a way to self soothe. Additionally, I took a lot of antibiotics as a kid compromising the delicate balance of gut bacteria.

The combination of a compromised gut and eating lots of sugar arrived at the diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome when I was 21. With no guidance from doctors on how to heal, I took my diagnosis of IBS as BS. I delved into studying yoga, nutrition, psychology, gut health, and meditation.

I have experienced how food is medicine. What I began to nourish my body with physically supported me in meeting my emotional needs more easily.

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As I healed my gut…

I started to experience my emotions as my allies. The more I felt my emotions, the more easily I was able to hear my bodily messages in what foods felt supportive to my system and what foods did not.

I’m here to guide you on that same path in healing from old wounds, discovering what foods are going to make you feel vibrant, experiencing your beautiful body as your friend, and embracing your emotions and bodily shape just as it is.

I have experienced that self understanding, self acceptance, and self compassion can be transformational in meeting whatever comes our way in life with more equanimity. I’m looking forward to connecting with you to discover your unique physical and emotional satiation.

My Experience

I have my Masters Degree in Body Psychotherapy from Naropa University. I’m also certified as a Health Coach, Mind Body Eating Coach, and Yoga Instructor. I have been published in the International Body Psychotherapy Journal on Cultivating A Relationship With The Gut Brain here. I have supported individuals with weight and body image issues, emotional eating, binge eating, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, digestive issues, relationship issues, and creating peace around old wounds. We will explore and discover a way of nourishing your body physically and emotionally that works for you and only you.