Creating A Morning Routine

Almost everything has a cycle to it. The seasons, the tides, the sun and the moon, our breathing. If we look all around us we can see rhythm happening everywhere. This inner knowing of the cyclical nature of things internally and externally can provide our body with a sense of calm in trusting and knowing what is to come. When we create these routines for ourselves in a day, we can be supporting our body in fostering a relaxation response that there is one less thing that it has to be wary of and look out for and make decisions around. This is where a morning routine can be truly powerful to create.

When we follow a morning routine it can powerfully set us up the rest of the day to feel grounded and embodied. Your morning routine can be filled with anything that supports you in feeling re-connected with you. This means that it will probably not include working, checking emails, or looking around on Facebook.

Some suggestions of what your morning routine can include:

  • drinking water

  • meditating

  • stretching

  • reading a book

  • making some tea

  • taking a walk outside

  • taking a bath or a shower

  • eating breakfast

  • watching an inspirational video

  • listening to an uplifting podcast

  • spending time with your family

  • playing with a pet

  • listening to music.

You can fill your morning with things that emotionally nourish you and support in creating a relaxation response where our body functions optimally, where deeper healing can occur, and where we can make our best decisions throughout our day.

For this next week, experiment! If you are a get up and go individual, try luxuriating in the morning and slowing everything down. If you are a hit the snooze button 5 times individual, experiment and try getting up right when your alarm goes off and get outside to take a walk and then notice how you feel the rest of your day. Feel free to stop by here and let me know how your morning experiments are going!