You Are Not Broken

On a single cover of a magazine we will see articles for how to lose a ridiculous amount of weight in an absurdly short amount of time and a recipe for chocolate cake that you deserve. We are bombarded with mixed messages on how we can “fix” ourselves. There are thousands of articles on the internet for every insecurity we might have on how to alter ourselves. To experience ourselves as whole and complete just as we are is a radical act in our society.

When a vase falls and smashes into a million pieces, do you consider that vase broken? What if instead we could experience that vase not as broken but now in a different expression of itself? Our symptoms, habits, and patterns are not wrong or bad. Whatever you are going through does not make you something to be fixed or changed. Our body and life, just as it is, has an abundant amount of lessons to provide us. Your wounds and hardships are there FOR you guiding you in where you are being called to grow, evolve, and express yourself in a new way.

Let’s say, every night you are binging on food. What we are told from our culture is that this makes us broken and this pattern is something to be fixed. Instead, we can foster a new perspective that this habit is a wise coping mechanism arising to try and find a sense of love, grounding, and safety. Seeing our habits and patterns as strategies there serving us in some way we can foster self compassion and empathy. This pattern does not make you broken. Whenever an urge arises to engage in a coping mechanism that does not feel loving long term, you can slow down and repeat to yourself, “I am not something to be fixed, I am not broken, this moment is here to teach me something, no matter where I’m at on my healing journey I am whole and complete just as I am no matter what.”

Loving and accepting ourselves where we are at on our life’s path can support us in meeting others with that same empathy. We can be role models for those around us. If we embrace where we are at, then we can inspire others that they can too. No matter what you are going through, you are deserving of love and respect. Your thoughts are not facts. When that harsh internal voice arises telling you that you are broken, you can ask yourself, “Is this the most loving thing I could be saying to myself right now?” If the answer is No, you have the power to re-shape your internal dialogue to one that feels more grounding, encouraging, soft, and reassuring.