Just Eat Real Food

I have witnessed in the health coaching world that so many coaches, myself included, feel the need to know more and more to support clients. Some of the most powerful reminders can be just to eat real food. There are so many options out there of what to eat and how to eat. Vegetarian, vegan, paleo, keto, gluten free, dairy free, it can all get very confusing. The one common theme though in all dietary approaches is to eat less processed foods, cook more, consume foods that came from the earth, that you could pull from a tree, or pick out of the ground.

If you start to feel confused about what to eat and notice yourself reaching for more and more pre-packaged and processed foods, a great question you can start asking yourself before choosing any kind of nourishment is how did this food get made? If you can imagine the farmers who had to grow that food, picking that food out of the ground, and then traveling it's way to your grocery store or farmer's market, then go for it! If you imagine that food being mushed, ground, added with colorings and preservatives and then being placed in a can or a box then you can perhaps move on to a food that you can imagine growing and picking yourself.

Taste buds have a life cycle of about two weeks. Every time we choose different foods to nourish our body with, foods that are less processed without too much salt or sugar for added flavor, we can begin to pick up on the subtle flavors in things like vegetables and fruits. With time, our desire for specific foods can change as we provide our body with more whole natural foods. Give your body time to adjust to different food choices. It can be even be a fun experiment to notice and observe how your bodily reactions change as you nourish your body in new ways.