Forget The New Year Resolutions

Often the first few weeks of a new year can foster reflections on the past year and looking forward to what we desire in the upcoming year. All sorts of strict resolutions can get made: Losing weight, new workout routines, striving to create new habits and patterns...the resolutions are endless and ones that are usually externally focused. They can often be based on what we think will make us happy or more fulfilled in life. Let’s throw out making resolutions this year. Instead, we can cultivate intentions for our day, our body, our well being that we can explore and commit ourselves to every single day.

Close your eyes right now and ask yourself how do I want to feel in my body over this next year? Whatever word comes up for you that is your word for the year. Then every time you have to make a decision, you can ask yourself will this support me in feeling the way I desire to feel in my body this year? How you want to feel in your body will guide you over this next year in what choices will support you most.

When we strive to show up the best we possibly can for ourselves and others every day there can be a ripple effect. We serve as examples and teachers and mentors for others. Being kind to yourself can suddenly make it feel easier to be kind to others. When you love yourself, even on your hardest days, it is that much easier to find compassion and empathy for others. When you decide to feel empowered, gentle, compassionate, balanced, loving with yourself, you will be a role model to others that they too can treat themselves in the same way. This year make a different kind of resolution, one that lifts you up not weighs you down and notice the ripple effect in all the other areas of your life.