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Food is one of the first forms of love we receive in childhood by those who support us. This can set us up from a young age to confuse our emotional hungers from our physical hungers. We then may find ourselves reaching for food when we are not physically hungry.

Take a moment. Close your eyes. What are you hungering for in this moment? What does that feel like in your body? It is alright to have this hunger. This hunger is here to guide you.

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In working with me, we will explore:



Examine the quality of the food being consumed

Discover a rhythm and routine to eating that works for your unique schedule

Investigate the pace in which you’re eating

Find the optimal environments in which to eat

Ensure the nourishment coming in is resonating with your body



Identify the difference between emotional and physical hungers in your body

Foster understanding around your cravings and desires and respond to them in new ways

Learn how to set appropriate boundaries

Explore sense of purpose

Find ways of moving in your body that feels rejuvenating



Heal relationship with emotions

Develop a deeper connection with bodily sensations

Identify what hunger and fullness feels like in your body

Track how different foods digest in your individual system

Build a sense of confidence that supports you in creating the life you desire

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Your program choices include...

Initial Consultation: $194

The Initial Consultation includes an hour and 20 minute long consultation where we will go over your current main health concerns, current and past eating habits and patterns, family history, and so much more.  You will leave the session with more awareness around your current health concerns and initial steps in how to begin the process of communicating with your body in a new way.

Continuing Follow Up Consultations: $129 per session

These are hour long sessions in which we will check in, continue to delve deeper into your habits, patterns, and symptoms, and create goals and engage in explorations to be worked upon in between sessions.  Each session we will check in on your progress, I will teach new concepts around food and body, and we will continue to chat about what is showing up for you physically and emotionally in your body and life.

5 Sessions: $620
10 Sessions: $1210
20 Sessions: $2340

*Reach out for any openings in my sliding scale spots

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Throughout this work…

we will set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and cultivate awareness, curiosity, compassion, and acceptance around the wonderful body you live in. I’m deeply committed to supporting you in stepping into your body and life in a way that supports you in feeling more grounded, vibrant, and excited to be alive.

I can work with you anywhere you are. Let’s begin your new adventure toward wholeness and wellness!

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