Emotional Nourishment Ideas

When first starting to discover the difference between physical and emotional hungers, it can feel confusing and unknown in how to satisfy emotional hungers. Our emotional hungers are satisfied very differently with connection, communication, understanding. If you feel stumped as to how to satisfy an emotional hunger here are some suggestions of different activities or actions you can choose to begin to give yourself a choice to choose something beyond food.





-Positive affirmations



-Dancing (even put on loud music in your home and dance everywhere)



-Taking pictures

-Physical Movement like Yoga or Stretching or try a new class


-Watch funny movies or videos

-Call a friend for a chat

-Get outside in Nature

-Get out of your home and have a solo adventure


-Walk around your neighborhood

-Play with a pet

-Clean your home

-Make some tea

-Take a nap

-Go bowling

-Go out and see a movie or a show

-Play a video game

What would you add to this list?